Hello there!
Welcome to the web domain of the Wiasmitinow Family in Switzerland.

It all started when our grandfather Алексей Вязмитинов had to flee from the russian revolution.
He was a chemist by training and ended up in Basle, Switzerland and worked for the chemical industry.
Since then these russian roots were mixed with some Swiss, French, German, Italian, Portugese, South African and other cultures to create a very special mix of creativity and open mindness.

This domain is mainly a placeholder, it will not be updated regularly, buit it gives us the possibility to use cool email addresses like firstname@familyname.ch. ;-)

There is also a digital business card of the oldest of the three Wiasmitinow brothers, Alexis where you can find some links to social media, where the content is more recent.

And our family crest looks like this, by the way: